Code’s professional and friendly print team are here to help manage all of your day-to-day print and promotional requirements and are led by Code’s directors, Phil and Simon. They both willingly agreed to let everyone know a bit more about themselves through the medium of photography and some random facts…


Account Manager / Estimating

As if running a family and household wasn’t enough, Lyndsay has managed to establish herself over the last 6 years at Code Print, as the font of all knowledge in respect of promotional items and branded clothing. What she doesn’t know about bags, t- shirts, stress balls and pens, is probably not worth knowing.

Lyndsay is incredibly calm under even the most demanding of deadlines ( having two young girls probably helps…) and is , we believe, unflappable.

At home, once all her ducks (and chicks) are in a row, she does like a nice dinner out, perhaps a small glass of something (just to be sociable, you understand…) a bit of home improvements.

  • Lindsay - Account Manager