Benefits of Promotional Merchandise


A goal for any business large or small is often to increase brand awareness and increase recognition. A sure fire way to help a business stand out from the crowd is to get creative with your marketing and explore the world of promotional products. Promotional goods have that ‘hang around’ value, they are worn, used, and seen on a daily basis therefore can serve as a huge source of promotion at a low cost compared to many other forms of marketing.


An alternative business card

Business cards will always be increasingly important to businesses but a promotional product can serve as a fun, creative and alternative way to market your contact information and company branding.


Did you know?

86% of recipients will use their promotional items on average at least once a day*


Flexibility of items purchased

Promotional items have a huge range and are extremely flexible, this means they can be easily matched to the theme of any business, event, or special occasion which a business or individual may require them for.


Did you know?

83% of recipients purchased from the company that sent them a promotional product*


Long term marketing

During a giveaway, a promotional item such as a calendar can be a really powerful form of marketing. A calendar will be used for a whole year and will be displayed in a strategic location such as offices, receptions and in rooms which have a large foot fall. A huge benefit of this is that potential customers will become accustomed to your logo and branding for the long term and will most likely see your branding on a regular basis.


Did you know?

96% agreed that promotional products increase brand awareness*


*figures courtesy of BPMA Survey