It’s a bit like having a butler…



Whenever Bruce Wayne had ‘the call’ from some poor benighted soul, who needed rescuing, protecting or in some way morally uplifting, he just went.

No hesitation, no preparation, no faffing; he just jumped into his mildly baggy and slightly dubious outfit, sprang into his improbably finned Batmobile, collecting Robin on the way (“Holy dodgy stalkers, Batman, why am I always so close, and wearing tights?”) and away

Mr Wayne’s effortless transformation from suave, urbane and generally anonymous wealthy philanthropist, to spandex-clad crime fighter was as instant as it appeared stress-free.

This is because he had Alfred.

Alfred Pennyworth was Mr. Wayne’s butler. You knew that, right?

Alfred seemed to have a slightly disturbing prescience about what Mr Wayne would need, when he’d need it, and where he would need it to be, right down to making sure the Batmobile had enough unleaded for the eye-wateringly reckless drive to the scene of the crime.

And it didn’t seem to matter what Bruce threw at him (“I need to confront a man dressed as a penguin tonight, Alfred…”), his butler had it covered. No fuss. No bother. Everything was just ready. And Batman could get on with his day night job – ridding Gotham of baddies.

Oh, how we all wish we had an Alfred – someone we could turn to and say, “make it so” …

You can see where this is going, can’t you?

You’re busy running your business/design team/marketing function; it takes all your time and effort making budgets work, creating telling messages, producing cohesive marketing strategies…the last thing you need is to spend time checking and double-checking paper specifications, artwork suitability, additional after-print treatments, cost effective print production alternatives and delivery schedules.

What you need is an Alfred.

Here at Code Print, our day job is making you look good; taking the hard work out of achieving exactly the print or promotional merchandise result you had in mind. On time, and often below budget. So you can get on with running your business, fighting penguins or training searchlights on Gotham’s skyline.

None of us is called Alfred, but we can help you look as good as Batman. And you won’t even need to don the spandex. Unless you want to.

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