Whatever you do, you need ALL the tools.



We’ve all been there; that DIY job that just has to get done, the widget-flange that needs changing on your car, the pushchair with the weirdest bolts you’ve ever seen needs adjusting…

Unless you are very lucky, there’s a terrific chance that you’ll have about 70% of the correct tools required to complete any of these tasks. And, unless you are unlike 99% of the population, this won’t stop you having a bloody good go at it…

And the job will get done. Sort of. Probably. And the pushchair will probably not kill anyone…

You did the very best you could, with the resources you had to hand. Well done. And it only cost you half the weekend, two of your fingernails and the admiration of your other half…

Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if there was a way that, whatever job you needed to do around the house, you had exactly the right tools to complete it, effortlessly, quickly and in the most efficient and cost-effective way? A vast array of tools, gadgets and widgets, stretching into the middle distance, filling your garage and the spare room, all designed to provide precisely the right thing to complete any task you cared to mention…

Oh, wouldn’t it just?

For most people, this is just a fantasy; an ideal that will seldom if ever happen. You’ll get by with a passable result. Perfection is just a pipe dream.

In the world of print, the same thing happens; marketing departments across the country make the most of their limited resources and contacts to deliver the very best result they can. They work hard to keep a handle on costs, whilst trying not to impact on quality and effectiveness too much. But it’s so often a compromise.

So, what if there was a printing version of that ethereal DIY Uber Tool Box?

A resource so extensive and knowledgeable that it could provide precisely the quality, quantity, complexity and originality your marketing team demanded, at the most cost-effective price possible?

Imagine your marketing plans being limited only by their creativity, rather than their print budget. Imagine, too, being able to realise the most complex and impressive results with little more effort than a phone call or a couple of emails.

Nirvana, right? Well, no, actually.

It’s called print procurement and management. It’s what we do here at Code Print. All the time.

In the same way as your company are experts in their field and you know absolutely everything about your chosen industry, so do we about ours.

So, here’s the deal; think about what you really want to print and, instead of doing the best you can with the resources you have, make it actually happen.

With more than 70 years of print experience and literally hundreds of print and production contacts, Code Print will know exactly how to deliver your dream campaign at a quality that will impress both you and your clients, and a cost that will make you wonder if you’ve heard it right.

And you’ll save days of your time achieving it.