Bucking the trend


“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

You see it, almost daily; another retailer struggling, closing branches, negotiating CVA’s, restructuring…

Ok, we know it’s the high street, and retail, and not really directly relatable to a business to business environment, but it is symptomatic of commerce in today’s Britain.

Today, the customer wants more than just cheap prices and value for money; that’s a given. What they really seek out is service and trust.

The headlong race to the bottom, so favoured by many businesses, is just a throat-cutting exercise for most. And we’ve seen many a well-known and respected brand bleed out over the last year or two.

So, with that in mind, you’ll appreciate, perhaps, just how gratifying it is, that we have enough happy, trusting, satisfied, new and returning customers to ensure that we have remained profitable for almost a decade.

Even in a world as cut-throat (see?) and competitive as print and print procurement, Code Print has thrived, by delivering a true service to our clients. Of course, the price has to be good, and fair.  But it’s the service that keeps them coming back. The sure and certain knowledge that their project will be delivered on time, on budget and on point. Again and again.

And to be clear, no one gets it right every time. But often, you learn more about a supplier when things go wrong than you ever will whilst they are swimming along with the current.

It is this understanding that sales and service are one and the same thing, that formed the very foundations of the business from the very first day Phil Simpson set up Code Print on a dining room table, back in 2010.

And today, Phil and co-owner Simon Lowe are still as committed to honouring their promises, delivering what they said they would and offering the very best expert advice to all their clients, a promise that has led to where we are today – establishing a new office in Derby.

Run by Richard Pettinger, another highly experienced printsman, long-time devotee of the personal touch and ‘going that extra mile’, the new office will promote all the qualities and commitments to exceptional service that Phil and Simon have always adhered to.

So, we’re growing. Actually growing. Not coping. Not getting by. But expanding. Bucking the trend.